I want to work at the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing. The Centre is looking for someone who can make connections and scale networks to bring social ventures, investors, government, and the private sector together to connect money with meaning. 

The Centre for Impact Investing’s mandate is to increase the awareness and effectiveness of social finance, and in doing so enable social ventures to tackle social and environmental problems in Canada. Visit their website here. Read their landmark report Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good here

Over the next few weeks I will be posting endorsements for my qualification for this role below. Browse the CFII website and report above. Send your endorsement if you want to show your support. Tweet @socialfinance hashtag #Kelvin4CFII and tell them if you’re behind me! Or just follow the conversation below.  


Willi Wiesner, PhD. Associate Professor & Chair of Human Resources, DeGroote School of Business

Kelvin is an incredibly capable and dedicated student and researcher as well as an insightful thinker.  He has been working under my guidance on a research project that he initiated, organized, and brought to fruition, while simultaneously acquiring new research skills and knowledge. Kelvin’s accomplishments are on par with some of the best graduate students we’ve had.

Nick Bontis, PhD. Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Programs, DeGroote School of Business, Author, Consultant, & Speaker

Kelvin is a wonderfully creative and conscientious young professional.  He embodies the characteristics of an individual who thrives to network: congeniality, empathy, trustworthy and a strong desire to connect with people.  Most importantly, Kelvin is a productive and business-minded entrepreneur.  He has strong attention to detail and an insatiable appetite to drive innovation.

Jeannie Cho, CA, MBA. Manager Corporate Accounting, Open Text Corporation

I met Kelvin at KPMG where he was staffed on an engagement where upper management consisted primarily of non-native English speakers.  Kelvin had the ability to communicate effectively and build strong client relations despite the huge language and cultural barrier.  His ability to adapt, his patience and understanding was key to the success of the engagement and I really appreciated everything he did for the client and the team.

Ryan Lessard. Business Development at Kiip, formerly BD at Philanthrokidz & Staff Accountant, KPMG, Student at Wilfrid Laurier University

Kelvin, wired as both an innovator and a hustler, would bring both creativity and passion to any role in the social innovation space. A high potential new grad working in a high potential new industry. He certainly has my endorsement.

Abid Virani. CEO & Co-founder, I Have Hope in the Fight Against AIDS, Student at University of Guelph

Kelvin is not only knowledgeable, but he also has an inspiring commitment to learning each and every day. This single characteristic, amongst the many he brings forth, makes him a natural cornerstone of any team.

Nicholas Chepesiuk. Vice President, Social Enterprise at Smart Solutions Canada, formerly Associate, Jaguar Capital, Student at Western University

Kelvin is the kind of person that would thrive at MaRS. His business acumen is accompanied by focus, insight, and creativity that is apparent in practically every aspect of his life. He is a real mensch and a great friend. 

Siddharth Nair. Associate Consultant, Bain & Company

Kelvin possess a keen and sharp mind, as well as considerable business knowledge. He brings a new perspective to conversations that push discussion forward, and drives key insights. He would be a valuable addition to the MaRS team.

Stephen Novalski, CA. Talent Attraction Manager, KPMG

Kelvin is someone I would highly recommend for just about any position as I am more than certain he would easily find success.  In working with him at KPMG directly his creativity, dedication and motivation was always an inspiration to be around and helped the whole team achieve our best. 

Anita Lai, CA. Senior Accountant, KPMG

Despite being new to audit and to the contacts at our audit clients, Kelvin established positive working relationships with each client contact very quickly. His eagerness and charisma, coupled with an exceptional level of tact, allowed him to build an excellent rapport with CFOs and more junior client contacts alike.

Simon Beck. Associate, Boston Consulting Group

While at KPMG Kelvin demonstrated that he was a born leader, capable of both providing creative vision and support for his team.

Mitchell Fortnum. Senior Accountant, KPMG

Kelvin is charismatic, creative, logical, and most importantly motivated. As a co-op at KPMG Kelvin demonstrated through his actions an overwhelming  commitment to the job as he pushed to accomplish tasks regardless of circumstances. 

Jessica Hutcheson. Talent Attraction Manager Employer Brand, KPMG

I first met Kelvin at McMaster where I recruited him as a co-op student to KPMG. He was obviously well respected and considered a leader on campus, which is part of why I found him an interesting candidate for our firm. When he came to work at KPMG he quickly developed relationships and credibility across functions, groups, and levels.

Danielle Little. Relationship Manager, Centre for Career Development DeGroote School of Business

Kelvin has been an integral leader within the DeGroote School of Business through his direct involvement with the DeGroote Commerce Society executive team, as a Teaching Assistant for a first year business course and as a mentor providing advice and sharing his experiences as a previous intern to potential internship candidates. His ability to build rapport with others and maintain connections with all stakeholders at DeGroote has been valuable to promoting a positive experience for all students.

James Hung. Vehicle Profitability and Financial Planning Lead, BMW Group Canada

I worked with Kelvin while he was an auditor at KPMG. Through many positive interactions, Kelvin was very knowledgeable and professional at all times. Kelvin was very quick to understand our companies accounting processes and was well liked by all our staff members.

Jordan Bishop. Co-op Consultant at KPMG Global Infrastructure Advisory, Student at Wilfrid Laurier University 

Kelvin is a natural leader that uses his strong communication skills and deep understanding of how organizations work to exceed expectations on every project.

Paul Kavanagh. Student at McMaster University, Field Engineer, MMM Group

Due to his internship at KPMG, Kelvin possesses a breadth and depth of practical working experience unmatched for undergraduates. 

Samuel Bong. Consultant at IBM, former CEO of the DeGroote Commerce Society 

Kelvin is an outgoing, thoughtful individual who has great communication and leadership skills. 

Ralph Conforti. Portfolio Management Associate, Risk Management, GE Capital 

Kelvin excels in facilitating interaction and work place cooperation. His financial abilities and vision are second to none.

Bryan Lehman. Student at McMaster University, Staff Accountant at KPMG, former CFO, DeGroote Commerce Society

After getting to know Kelvin through various volunteering, workplace, and social events over the years, I can sincerely say he is one of the most professional and passionate student leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. Kelvin is easy to get along with, is hard working, and is always looking for ways to improve upon the status quo.

Liam Whelan. Analyst, Sunlife Financial 

Kelvin actively pursues mentorship and leadership opportunities within his business school. Through extensive extra-curricular involvement, Kelvin has challenged mentees and peers to achieve academic and career development goals.

Felicia Tortorelli. Student at McMaster University, JDCC DeGroote Co-Captain

Kelvin is an extremely intelligent, well rounded individual and through my experience working with Kelvin he has consistently performed beyond expectations.

Brian Steeves. Student at McMaster University, Associate, Ernst & Young

Through the many discussions we have had during our time at McMaster, I often leave the conversation with a new perspective on a given topic. Kelvin is a pleasure to be around and it only takes one minute to realize what a great mind he has.

Patrick Morrison. Student at McMaster University, President, McMaster Consulting Association

Kelvin is a passionate student leader who goes above and beyond in all of his efforts. Kelvin’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to bring people together have been a driving force of many initiatives and have made him an indispensable member of our team.

Matthew Kerr. Student at McMaster University, Associate, PwC

Kelvin has established himself as a leader at McMaster, not only in the academic field but as an advocator and role model for business .

Stephen Shnier, RIBO. Student at McMaster University

Kelvin has strong networking and communication skills and is well known throughout McMaster as a very intelligent and hardworking team member. 

Kelsey Langford. Student at McMaster University, JDCC DeGroote Co-Captain 

During our time at McMaster, Kelvin has continuously demonstrated a high level of strategic thinking and professionalism. His ability to effectively communicate with his peers and professors alike furthers his leadership abilities in today’s business world.

David Stewart. Business Development Manager, Avondale Food Stores, former CEO of the DeGroote Commerce Society

Kelvin is an extremely self-motivated, personable and intelligent person. We worked together on the DeGroote Commerce Society and he helped me through many situations. 

Carlie Bero. Event Sales Representative, Brunico Communications

Kelvin and I have known each other for 15 years, in this time I have come to know him as a dynamic, responsible and intelligent individual. I look forward to the time we spend together and would welcome an opportunity to work with him and to get to know him as a colleague as well.

Brandon Greenspoon. Student at McMaster University

Kelvin is a passionate leader who leads by example. He is always willing to take the time to help others. Kelvin  is an outstanding professional. He is very dependable and never fails to execute on a deliverable with outstanding results. I highly endorse him.  

Spencer Blake. Student at McMaster University

Kelvin is an organized, intelligent student who contributes positively to the McMaster community.

Karen Labis. Photography student at Ryerson University

Kelvin is a leader in our community and knows how to make connections spanning different networks! 

Steven Lee. Student at McMaster University

Kelvin has the natural ability to network with a ride range of individuals, from student peers to high-profile industry professionals in a respectful and professional manner.  

Loren Hendin. Journalism student at Ryerson University

Kelvin Ewald is an excellent communicator and leader who applies these skills to his studies, business, finances and networking.

Andrew Harvey. Architectural Science student at Ryerson University

Kelvin is a true autodidact and passionate scholar- someone who loves to learn, he tirelessly seeks out sources of information from which he can learn more.

Derek Brenzil. Student at McMaster University, CFO, DeGroote Commerce Society 

Kelvin is the type of leader within DeGroote and McMaster University that people notice and follow on a daily basis. Kelvin has the ability in continuously increase his credibility and worthiness by ensuring he understands the consequences of every action and makes the most educated decisions possible.

David Carragher. CFA Level I Candidate

Kelvin is a connector who has the ability to integrate himself with a wide range of social networks. His organizational ability and attention to detail are two of his strongest strengths which only serve to complement his ability to interact with a wide spectrum of individuals.

Abdi Egal. Student at Wilfrid Laurier University, Staff Accountant, KPMG

Kelvin Ewald is an outstanding young leader that exemplifies all the qualities of a great networker. I have had a first hand experience of his ability to mobilize student volunteers around a common goal.

Emma Munden. Student at McMaster University, Chief CAM Officer, Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec

Kelvin is an individual who approaches all situations with the upmost professionalism and attention to detail. His worth ethic and drive is something to be admired and should be set as a standard for his peers to achieve.

Celeste Cancelliere. Student at McMaster University, Associate, PwC

Kelvin is arguably one of the most intelligent and driven individuals to whom I have the pleasure of knowing. Always seeking opportunity, he never fails to succeed and prove his capabilities.

Jesse Clarke. Staff Accountant, KPMG

Kelvin demonstrates leadership in all environments, has great communication skills and hard work ethic.